Who are our consumers?

Our consumers are men between the ages of 25 and 41. They are active in their lives and busy with work and social activities. With not much time during the week, our main consumers do not have the time for shopping and they would rather not spend too much money on basic clothes. They believe that basic clothes that are sold in the fast fashion brands are too expensive and would rather find a cheaper source. 

Persona #1

Santiago is a lawyer living in the city of Barcelona with a regular 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM job at a local law firm. He wakes up early around 7:00 AM, prepares his coffee and breakfast. He leaves to work at around 8:30 AM after wearing his clothes for the day and uses the local public transportation to reach his work which is 20 minutes away.

After finishing his work at 6:00 PM, Santiago goes home in order to prepare himself a quick meal before he hits the gym. He spends two hours at the gym from 8:00 PM to around 10:00 PM. After the gym, he goes home and prepares himself one final small meal before he goes to bed at around 11:30 PM.

During the weekend, Santiago enjoys spending time with his friends whom he rarely sees considering the busy and full schedule he has with work during the weekdays. He likes to do various activities with his friends during the weekend such as enjoying a beer with them, go the beach, and maybe see a movie every once and in a while. Moreover, Santiago also enjoys playing sports. He is a member of a local football league where they play football every Sunday night for two hours at 8:00 PM.

Because of his position as an accountant in the company, Santiago is required to wear a suit every day to his job. He is not really a fashion lover as he doesn’t have the chance to wear casual clothes during the week. However, he relies heavily on basic clothing as he wears it daily under his suit. He doesn’t really go shopping that much, but he goes to H&M to buy basic t-shirts and underwear. He tries not to buy them a lot as they tend to be expensive for him.

Santiago is registered in a local subscription box service that offers him a monthly tube of whey protein for his work-out routine. He believes this service is amazing as it is saving him time and money, it also offers him his most favorite brand of whey protein.

Persona #2

John is an international engineering student from Australia studying in Barcelona. He will be living in this city for 2 years and hopes he stays in the city more as he is enjoying it along with other international students studying with him.

During the week, John goes to classes from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. After classes, he goes home for a few hours to cook his dinner and spends some time studying and preparing for the next school day before he goes to work. In order to support himself more, John decided to take a job at a bar close to his home. He goes to work there from 5:00 until 9:00 PM.

During the weekend, John tries to explore Barcelona as much as possible. He loves to go to markets and to local fares. He also enjoys spending time on the beach for long hours. He tries to be as careful as possible not to spend too much money as he is on a student budget and has to pay rent and buy food.

John is also a bit of a fashion enthusiast, he shops at fast fashion chains as they tend to be cheaper than the local brands. He struggles with buying basic clothing though as he thinks that the brands are selling cheap quality material for high prices. He also tends to use basic t-shirts a lot as he likes to wear them during work and as he sleeps.

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