Where is MainlyBasic Now?

It has been a big development for us to advance from our previous project into MainlyBasic! We were very happy with our classes in Rotterdam during the months of January and February as they helped us extensively with our business model and finances

During our stay in Rotterdam in the month of February, we were able to figure out our finances in terms of operating costs, costs of goods sold, revenue, initial balance sheets, and other important financial elements. 

We also had the opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs in Rotterdam and received vital information and advice on how to make our business idea more successful! We had the pleasure of meeting a local entrepreneur who has an operating similar business but for women’s fashion. He guided us in the direction of our main supply of inventory, Turkey. 

After we came back from Rotterdam, powered by the financial budget sheet and the source of inventory, we started working on our brand identity and our e-commerce. We are currently building our e-commerce on Shopify and trying to find out the best way to connect our e-commerce with our customer segments and consumers. 

Our Next Step

We aim at finalizing the e-commerce and expose it to our end-consumers as the important next step. Also, our next goal is to have an initial application built and designed. We also believe that an important next step is an initial deal with our supplier. 


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