Design Thinking Week 2018

We are very happy to have participated in the Design Thinking Week 2018. It was very interesting to work alongside with the MIDI students and 2 other guest participants from Doctors Without Borders!

Throughout this week (March 12th – March 16th) we have discovered many things that we haven’t thought of that could make our start-up better. For this week, we were required to provide a challenge that we believe we are struggling with; we believe we are struggling with approaching our consumers through the e-commerce.

Through the stages of design thinking, we have learned that our end consumer is not necessarily our user. A person can order the MainlyBasic box for another person. For instance, a young man can create an account or an automated delivery for his father so that he does not have to go to buy basic clothing. Or, a wife can register her husband as well for this service. Moreover, a mother can also register her son for this service (we know this is weird considering that our target demographic is from 25 – 45, believe us, this is possible.)

Another insight that we have discovered is the importance of a pop-up store. These stores are the only chance where our consumers get a chance to see our boxes physically; hence why we believe this an important bridge that connects MainlyBasic to its demographic. We also discussed having these pop-up stores in airports and hotels, as these points can have many men who are willing to grab these boxes as they have free time while they wait for their next flight. In hotels, we believe that we can sell these in hotels as they can be sold through the hotel for their clients.

After going out to test these ideas with people who can be potential clients of ours, we discovered that many people already have their basic clothes packed in their carry-ons or luggage, and are not willing to carry more weight. If they do carry more, they’d rather carry something from the duty-free. So, we decided to completely change our target for this challenge and the location for the pop-up store. We finally decided to set our pop-up store in gyms as this a vital location for men where they attend to regularly throughout the week. Also, it is a place where men shower and change close, therefore; it is a good occasion to remind the men of the chance to be part of our company and create a connection with them.

A final insight that we unraveled through our discussions was the possibility of opening a business to business channel. For instance, a hotel can partner with MainlyBasic where it would be possible to purchase our products at a certain rate in order for them to offer more for their clients. Or, a potential football team can partner with MainlyBasic to offer basic clothing for their team players. We believe that this channel can carry so many opportunities and value for both MainlyBasic and other businesses.

Finally, on the Friday of that week, we were asked to present our work and design thinking process for our company. We were so happy to have our partners for the week to go and present this project in a very successfully funny approach. The other participants from other projects were very interactive and amused by the way our partners presented, and with them, we managed to score a third place in term of best projects according to the participants’ votes.

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