Operations and Logistics

The first operation and step for us are ordering the inventory from our supplier and partner by the supply manager. Then our next step is sorting the inventory according to the item that we have received; it is important to sort the inventory and make the job easier and faster for our staff members in the warehouse to fill the packages and this whole operation is monitored by the production manager. We will have a facility designed especially for this operation. The main source of information and order is strictly from the e-commerce; our clients have the responsibility of providing us with their preferred item, size, address, delivery schedule, and payment information. This information is then sorted out by our staff members in the logistics department. Then our staff members move on to preparing these orders according to the delivery schedule that is provided by the clients; the box is sorted, filled, stamped, sealed and shipped to the client by our courier partner.

The sales department then is responsible for managing the process of the sales transactions and implementing strategies to optimize sales, acquire new clients, and it is a direct link between the product and building relationships with customers. The accounting department is responsible for providing accounting services and financial support for the company, it records accounts payable and receivables, inventory payrolls, fixed assets and other financial elements. They also review the records of each department to determine their position within the company. Our marketing department promotes the company and business and drives our product sales through our ads and website. It will also do all the necessary research to identify target customers and potential opportunities. Our HR department will be strategically managing the people within the business, this can include recruiting and hiring new employees, and organising perspective compensation packages. Finally, our IT department will be responsible for the maintenance and installation of network systems within the business, it will also oversee the actions on the website and support the e-commerce. It will also constantly evaluate the different elements that enable the e-commerce to operate smoothly.

We will also be working separately with a law consultant to make sure that all our logistics and operations are done according to the book and legal.

Below is a structural chart. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 21.04.19.png

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